Adjustable collar - Neon Pink NOMADOG
    Adjustable collar - Neon Pink NOMADOG

      Adjustable Biothane collar - Neon Pink

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      Adjustable Biothane collar - Neon Pink

      Our Adjustable Biothane collar - Neon Pink is timeless and perfect for any type of dog. Available in 15 colors, it will charm you every time. Made with original Biothane our collar is super tough in design and stronger than leather or nylon in addition to being extremely easy to clean, odorless and waterproof and very comfortable for your dog.


      Available in ¾ inch and 1 inch.


      Our team has tested several types of Biothane under the most extreme conditions. either in our harsh winters in Quebec or in the stifling heat of our summers to choose the best. It retains its flexibility in winter and its rigidity in summer.


      The advantages of the Nomadog Collar:


      • Waterproof

      • Resistant

      • Odorless

      • Comfortable

      • Vegan

      • Superior quality Biothane

      • Steel hardware for optimal fit

       Material and Maintenance

      This tough and rugged dog collar is made of BioThane, is a vegan material. In addition to having the texture of leather, it is waterproof, resistant to temperature fluctuations, dirt, and odors.

       To maintain it, just pass a damp cloth over its surface and your collar will look like new again. For better cleaning, use mild soap and a damp cloth. 

       Hardware components

      This model is available in black painted brass. Please note that the finish on plated metal hardware components can wear with use and change color over time – this is normal and not covered by the hardware warranty.


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